In Search of Wisconsin’s Next Big Start-up Success Story

About 150 people attended the Hatch Finale at the Noel Group Hangar.

Compass Properties hosted the Hatch Finale on November 9 at the Noel Group Hangar, featuring 7 groups of Central Wisconsin entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to earn a $10,000 grand prize.

In a Shark Tank-like atmosphere where the 7 finalists delivered their fascinating new business pitches, the judges declared co-winners – Abre Tech’s inventory tracking system for tree nurseries and Caboosee, a baby’s tech clothing line that makes it easy to check diapers. Each won $5,000.  The “people’s choice” award winner, chosen by the estimated crowd of 150+, was Tapped, a company that produces flavor infused, natural maple syrups.

Matthie Vollner and Ben Meyers of Arbre Tech joined Emily Blomberg of Caboosee and her daughter in the winner’s circle of the Hatch 2017 Finale.

Hatch is a community-based startup platform to help develop “napkin” ideas into early stage companies.  The project is funded by the BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation, a 501(3) charity that uses a philanthropic approach to support job creation and economic growth across that state.  The Hatch Platform operates through the leadership of NEWaukee, a social architecture firm that specializes in community-based experiences.

Jeremy Fojut of NEWaukee

Compass Properties’ Sheldon Oppermann says the Hatch project is uniquely focused on the state’s start up business community, which is critical to job creation and economic growth.

“From the small dairy farmer to large employers such as SentryNMLHarley and Johnson Controls; companies created here in Wisconsin are a vital part of our economy, “Oppermann said.  “That’s what BrightStar is all about – finding and nurturing the next big Wisconsin start up business success story.   Think of the job creation impact if just one of these BrightStar seeds pops!”

“We believe in the power of synergy. If by hosting an event like this, we can leverage our resources to help groups such as BrightStar and NEWaukee focus on what they do best, we all become better together.”